1What is Blazers Capital?
We are a cooperative society determined to help you get the best of your savings and investments by keeping them in secured dollar-denominated investments.
2How does Blazers Capital work?
1. You sign up 2. You activate your membership by paying a 10,000 naira membership fee 3. Select and fund your preferred savings or investment plan or both 4. Sit back and watch your savings and investments grow.
3When can I withdraw my investments?
Savings can be withdrawn when a member wishes to leave the cooperative after a period of 1 year and Investments can only be withdrawn annually. Withdrawing your investments before the one year tenure is due will lead to a reduction in the returns you will be getting.
4Are returns guaranteed?
Only savings returns are guaranteed. Investments can go up or down but will certainly earn returns in the long term. That's why the minimum investment period available is one year.

For other enquiries, kindly send us a mail at hello@blazers.capital

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