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Users have the exclusive responsibility of determining if all parts of the investment-related information and trade systems are appropriate for their investment objectives and financial conditions, both at initial registration and on an ongoing basis. No user should suppose that an investment strategy or specific investment is profitable for their portfolio due to assumed future performance, whether based on history or anticipation. 

Cryptocurrency and digital assets are speculative and risky investments. Each type of investment has its varying degree of risk. Therefore, no assurance is given that a particular investment would suit or be profitable for a user’s (existing or prospective) investment portfolio. We do not provide investment advisory, supervisory, or management services, nor do we monitor or review (initially or on an ongoing basis) the portfolio or particular needs of users. 

No warranties or guarantees are given to back up forward-looking statements. All forecasts, projections, and estimates are by nature speculative and based on assumptions. The forward-looking statements could turn out to be wrong due to unknown factors, expected and unexpected risks, inaccurate assumptions, and other factors beyond control. These factors may include faulty due diligence, cryptocurrency market volatility, and misrepresentation of project terms. It is usual for some or all forward-looking statements not to materialise or vary from actual figures. 

RELEASE: All existing and prospective users acknowledge and accept the FAREC recommendations’ limitations as a condition necessary for access to the FAREC services, releasing Blazers Capital, its owners, officers, directors, employees, advisors, agents, affiliates, and members harmless from any claim or adverse consequence resulting from the use, which includes, but not limited to, losses from the implementation of investment-related recommendations, information, and trading methodologies.